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Quality Policy

1) To create our supply chain to the point of maximum efficiency so that our clients receive their products and services exactly when they need them.

2) To use our large capacity to supply our products and services to our clients at extremely competitive prices, due to our economies of scale.

3) To use our 50+ years experience in textiles and 25+ years experience in garment labels to supply our clients with the highest quality products and services expected from the REM name.

4) To treat all stakeholders as family and use strategies that help everyone win together, not just REM.

5) To respect and care about the working and environmental health conditions.

6) To make processes as easy as can be for our domestic and international clients to ensure maximum client satisfaction.

7) To create the best environment possible for our employees to improve what they supply to our clients.

8) To follow up the latest technological developments in our relevant industries and conduct investments to ensure continuous related development by providing employee training and participation.

9) To invest in human capital alongside PP&E, technology and finances.

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